I discovered Muxtape a while ago, and what set it apart for me was simple uncluttered design and the quality of the music site relaunched with. So many fantastic bands! I’ve developed a few favourites: Vulture Realty, Adron, DM Smith and of Montreal. After having some problems with the RIAA when it first launched they’re back and they’ve moved to a different model.  The new(ish) model is: only bands who want (the privilege of having) their music on the site put it up now. So that means no more copyright infringement claims! They just recently announced that they’re ready to open up Muxtape up a bit and are letting the original bands the site launched with invite other bands, and it seems to be growing pretty fast. Every time I refresh the bands page a new band pops up.

Although at this point in time the site is still under construction, I am EXCITED by the product they are trying to create. A place where you can stream music free, create legal mixes, and then buy it if you so desire sounds like a fantastic mix! And the best thing is it won’t end up looking like the confused mess that is MySpace music! I’m awaiting with -somewhat- bated breath as I see how they organise the inevitable huge flood of bands. But you should definately check it out!

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