Jake And Amir

If you haven’t already seen Jake And Amir you should check them out. It’s never ending laughs about BFFs (as Amir likes to say) in the College Humour offices. Jake is the serious guy, and Amir is completely out of touch with the world and does nothing but speak in a really high voice and eat chicken nuggets from McDonalds. You can read more about them on Wikipedia if you are interested, and you can check out the “best” videos here. These are my favorite episodes I think :

“What! You don’t know how hungry I am, it’s a fucking emergency!” haha

Temporary spurt of blogging

I’m curious. How many of you people have started a blog of your own, whether it be about cooking, drawing, flash games whatever, only to give up and lose interest when no-one reads it? I know I certainly have 😉

I actually just want to see what how easy this poll maker thingie is ^_^ But hey! Hopefully someone submits an answer but me! Haha

Why hello there!

Hello non existent reader,

You look like a stranger to these here parts!

This post marks the beginning of an exciting and scintillating new venture.  I’m on the edge of my seat already. In this brand spanking new blog I’ll be writing about anything that interests me: flash games, the environment, Radiohead, blah blah blah.  Thanks for taking an interest and reading this far! Hope to see you back here in not too long. There have been so many failed blog ventures on my part that I’ve lost count, and yet here I am starting a new one on Sunday night at 10pm. First there was The Unobservant Investigator then there was  Fantabulous Flash Fun (which was almost not a failure), but I won’t bore you with endless links. Oh, and I’ve imported all my posts from FFF so you can check them out here 😀