GOTV messages in the 2014 NZ election

There have been a number of interesting get out the vote (GOTV) videos released in the run up to the election. I thought I would collect them all in one place. Let me know if I’ve missed any!

Electoral Commission

Interestingly, this is the first election in which the Electoral Commission has explicitly run a GOTV campaign. I like the ad, but the morphing effect is also quite creepy!

(Side note — John Edwards points out on Twitter the remarkable similarity of the above video with this Godley and Creme video from 1985)

The Electoral Commission also famously got Lorde to appear in a couple of ads:

They’ve  produced a tonne of other videos, which you can watch on their youtube channel, but I think I’ve included the main ones here.

Have Your Say

It’s not clear to me who’s produced these videos, but they seem quite high quality and powerful to me. I did notice that arguably the issues they talk about are quite left-wing ones. (Maybe it’s just hard to distil a right-wing message into a snappy video?) I’m not quite sure why so many of these videos are in black and white – maybe they think that it adds more gravitas or something.

See the rest of their videos on their channel.


RockEnroll have mainly done short vox pops like this one so far (see their youtube channel):

Choice Lolz

An amusing set of videos produced by the Poor Sailors Arts Collective:

Updated 10 and 24 September

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